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Quick-Lube Oil Change Service in Vancouver

At Casey's Independent Auto Repair we designed our oil change services to give you peace of mind. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your oil every 3,000 miles or so. At Casey's Independent Auto Repair, we ensure you receive the highest quality oil to help keep your car engine in peak condition.

For the best oil changes in Vancouver, WA., come to Casey's! Drop by our Vancouver shop, or call us at 360-253-7111.

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  • Avatar A. ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Every experience I have at Casey’s is stellar! Last week I brought in my 2017 Crosstrek for an oil change. After the oil change was completed my technician Mike and service advisor Justin found some filters needing replaced, tire treads … More getting low, and a bigger repair needed on the CV axle. Their inspection was thorough and had pictures showing why these things were needed, making it feel very transparent and allowing me to make the decision of when to make those repairs. I will be scheduling those repairs soon! I cannot recommend Casey’s enough and always refer my local friends and family here. Thank you Casey’s!

Premium Oil Change by Casey's Independent Auto Repair.

Local Oil Change Service in Vancouver, Wa.

Oil Service at regular Intervals is Critical to Your Vehicle's Longevity

Engine oil lubricates and protects your engine's internal components by reducing friction between the moving parts. It also carries away dirt and metal particles, keeping the engine clean and free from contaminants. Having your oil changed is particularly important if you go long intervals between having your vehicle serviced, or if your vehicle mileage is very high.

Your vehicle's oil filter is of equal importance to maintaining engine efficiency. The filter cleans the oil as it passes through it, and collects any contaminants, stopping it from clogging up the engine. It is important to make sure your oil filter is not clogged with contaminants.

Oil Change Filter

Synthetic Oil Provides Better Protection in Vancouver, WA.

Regular engine oil is perfectly adequate for the job, but synthetic oil offers many advantages. It is engineered to exceed manufacturers' standards.

One of the many advantages of synthetic oil is its ability to remain stable at high temperatures. Synthetic oil does not break down when it gets very hot, whereas standard motor oil can break down in high temperatures. Synthetic oil also remains fluid at low temperatures, where standard oil thickens. These advantages of synthetic oil provide optimum lubrication at a range of temperatures, which reduces wear and gives a cleaner, more efficient running engine.

Need your Diesel Oil changed? Come see Casey's Independent Auto Repair

Drivers of diesel running vehicles can come to Casey's Independent Auto Repair in Vancouver, WA. for an oil change too!

It's as important for diesel engines to have clean oil as it is for a gas engine. While it doesn't operate at the same temperatures, the oil has to perform the same functions. Removing contaminants from the engine, keeping things cool, and lubricating all the moving parts.

Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Healthy

The oil in your engine helps keep everything moving - including you! Making sure your engine oil is clean is imperative – as important as filling your fuel tank. If your oil becomes dirty, or your oil filter becomes clogged, you won't get where you need to go.

Regular oil servicing helps keep your vehicle's engine healthy and enables it to provide many miles of trouble-free motoring. Regular oil changes protect your automotive investment.

Don't Ignore Your Dashboard Oil Light

Your dashboard oil light is an early warning device. It might be tempting to ignore it when you're busy with a lot of demands on your time and money. However, it is not a good idea to ignore the oil warning light. Casey's Independent Auto Repair makes getting your oil change service easy and is less expensive than having to repair a broken engine.

Give Casey's Independent Auto Repair in Vancouver a call, or stop by to schedule your oil change. It won't take long and will give you the confidence you deserve knowing your vehicle is safe and reliable.

Casey's is Green! Responsible Oil Recycling

All of us here at Casey's believe that the proper disposal of old engine oil is an ecological responsibility that everyone should take very seriously. The use of oil makes our machinery work properly, but when disposed of improperly, oil is very harmful to the environment. The old oil we collect is disposed of responsibly so that we do our part in retaining our beautiful countryside.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair uses a "waste oil" heating system to bring heat to the facility in the winter, recycling the old engine oil in a useful and constructive way. We take our responsibility very seriously and this is just one way we help to protect our environment.

For Affordable, Quality Oil Change Service Call Casey's Independent Auto Repair today at (360) 253-7111

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