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End of Warranty Checkup

Reaching the end of your warranty?

When you bought your new vehicle, you were probably so excited that the warranty coverage lasted a long time and you knew that no matter what the problem, your vehicle was covered with protection. All of a sudden, you are driving to work and begin to hear a noise under the hood. As you look down at the speedometer and realize that you are 200 miles over the warranty period, your heart begins to sink. How much will this cost? Why didn't I get this checked out before the warranty expired? What could possibly be wrong?

The best way to prevent the scenario above is to have your vehicle inspected by an independent automotive repair facility. At Casey's we are here to help prevent just such an emergency. With our End-of-Warranty Inspection, we can advise you of what potential problems are coming and how to avoid them prior to the expiration of your manufacturer's warranty. Call us today and let us help you prevent unnecessary costs by crossing that dreaded expiration mileage or date!

Comprehensive inspection to give you Peace of Mind

When you purchase an End-Of-Warranty Inspection, we will do a comprehensive inspection and analysis of all systems on your vehicle. Upon completion, one of our service advisors will spend some time providing you insight into how your vehicle has been performing, what potential wear items are, and what you should be able to expect out of future use. If there are any signs of early wear or tear, you can be assured we will provide you the information to make a quality decision about your vehicle, and what should be covered under the warranty you purchased.

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