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Skilled Ford Diesel & Powerstroke Repair Services in Vancouver

You are counting on your Powerstroke™ diesel for safe and reliable driving. At Casey's Independent Auto Repair, you can trust your diesel investment to our ASE Certified Technicians diesel experts. If you are looking to get years of excellent performance from your Powerstroke diesel bring it to Vancouver, WA's diesel professionals. We are dedicated to giving our customer's 100% satisfaction by guaranteeing all of our service and products. See your Service Advisor for complete warranty details.

Your Powerstroke diesel is built tough! When something goes wrong with this workhorse, you want it fixed quickly and affordably. Our ASE Certified technicians can quickly diagnose and recommend repairs on any Powerstroke diesel problem to get you back on the road.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair technicians go one step further than most other auto repair shops. We not only give superior diagnosis and repairs, we also check for potential issues that you may not be aware of - such as worn belts, weakened hoses, etc. Our periodic preventive maintenance program can help your Powerstroke diesel engine stay in tip-top shape while working efficiently and effectively and giving you maximum performance and the best fuel economy.

We're committed to providing friendly customer service and quality repairs and maintenance to keep your Powerstroke diesel running smoothly and safely down the road.

Induction system service

Powerstroke 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L

Removes carbon buildup in the intake and exhaust recirculation passages maintaining proper airflow through the engine. Cleaning carbon buildup during service helps to prolong the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), and Cleans injection spool valves and removes internal sludge deposits. It also helps to prevent carbon from building up in the turbo, intake and exhaust valves Increasing engine performance, efficiency and fuel mileage. Ultimately saving you thousands in costly diesel engine repairs

We recommend this service be performed at 30k intervals for normal use vehicles, and since a Lube, Oil, Filter change is necessary after the induction system service is performed we suggest scheduling this service at your oil change interval.

Diesel Fuel System service

FORD 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L, 6.9L, 7.3L

During this two-part service we will completely isolate the diesel fuel system and run a highly concentrated cleaning solvent solution through the engine fuel system that removes deposits in the fuel injection pump, fuel lines, and fuel injectors. It also cleans deposit buildup in the combustion chamber and turbocharger. In addition we will use a fuel additive that will lubricate and restore internal fuel injection moving parts. This service will dramatically increase the life of your expensive diesel fuel system components.

We recommend this service at 60k miles and since a Fuel filter replacement is required we suggest scheduling this service at your fuel filter replacement interval.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

FORD 6.4L, 6.7L

In some cases the regeneration process will become much more frequent. This is a sign that your DPF is building up more ash than this process can overcome. In this situation the DPF can be removed and ultrasonically cleaned removing 99% of ash deposits, saving you hundreds over the cost of replacement.

(**Some filters may not be serviceable due to age and/or condition).

Turbocharger Service (VGT)


Fords 6.0L uses a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that is very susceptible to carbon buildup and rust deposits causing the movable veins of the turbocharger to stick and ultimately fail. During this service we will remove and disassemble the turbocharger inspecting for damage and/or worn parts, clean and remove carbon buildup and rust deposits, lubricate and polish the moving components and replace the o-rings and gaskets before reinstalling and testing.

We recommend this service every 30k miles.

Ford Diesel Common Failures and Suggested Upgrades

Upgraded Heavy Duty EGR Coolers Made by Bulletproof Performance.

If your factory 6.0L or 6.4L EGR Cooler has not failed yet, there is a good chance it will. This is a heavy duty replacement for the factory installed exhaust gas recirculation cooler. We recommend replacement before failure to save thousands in diesel engine repair.

We also offer custom performance upgrades which are custom built for your specific needs.

F-350 Experts - Casey's Independent Auto Repair - Vancouver, WA

Casey's Independent Auto Repair's shop in Vancouver, WA is the place where your F-350 diesel will receive the specialized care it requires. Our ASE Certified technicians and diesel experts will make sure everything is working smoothly and efficiently for your tough jobs.

Your F-350 diesel deserves - and requires - quality parts and professional repairs. At Casey's Independent Auto Repair, our ASE Certified Truck experts will make sure your F-350 diesel Truck gets quality, professional care, at fair and affordable prices.

To get maximum performance from your F-350 diesel you want to make sure it stays in tip-top condition. Casey's Independent Auto Repair is your Vancouver, WA one stop shop for all of your diesel needs. We can keep your F-350 diesel working the way it should work.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair technicians have the skills and experience to inspect, diagnose and recommend service on any diesel issue that could result in a major expense if not cared for right away. We perform thorough inspections and use state-of-the-art equipment, which gives us the tools and skills to diagnose and recommend service that will keep your F-350 diesel in superior condition.

Trust your diesel to Casey's Independent Auto Repair in Vancouver, WA and find out why our diesel customers keep coming back!

Call Casey's Independent Auto Repair in Vancouver, Washington today for a competitive quote on F-350 diesel repairs and services - 360-253-7111.

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