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What should you look for in an auto repair shop?

Type of Auto Repair Shop

There are actually different types of auto repair shops. Some are performance shops where they work to improve the speed or mileage of your vehicle, whereas others are simply maintenance-only shops (doing only these things like oil changes, headlights, and wiper blade replacements, and may not catch signs of preventable breakdown). There can be even others who divide up into smaller categories, Transmissions, or Fleet/commercial vehicles, etc.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair is a unique shop where we have team members who fill unique roles in all these areas so that we can be a one-stop-shop for all customers, from simple auto repair to heavy-duty truck services.

Auto Repair Shop Reviews are important

Reviews have become one of the most competitive aspects of business today. Most reviews are provided by long-term customers and those who are giving real-world perspectives of their ongoing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular business. It is unlikely that any business will hold a 5.0 rating across vast numbers of customers because opinions and criteria used in those opinions will vary.

For auto repair shops, a high volume of customer reviews, and an average of 4.5 to 4.8 (on a 5.0 scale) is a pretty consistent way to evaluate how a shop is doing at successfully taking care of their customers. Here is ours:

Warranty Provided by Auto Repair Shop

Warranty coverage is one of the most important factors in choosing an auto repair shop. At the surface, mileage or timeframe is most easily recognized, but the important elements of warranty coverage are parts, labor, and convenience. Quality auto repair shops are typically covering mileage or timeframes of 36 Months or 36,000 miles Nationwide on retail (consumer) auto repairs for parts and labor.

These shops are traditionally using higher quality parts, and employ better-qualified technicians, knowing that the repairs performed are unlikely to have a failure or comeback. When a part failure occurs, convenience services make these rare situations less stressful by including things such as roadside assistance, towing, or help with a jumpstart. HERE IS MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WARRANTY COVERAGE.

Features offered by The Auto Repair Shop

Another often missed aspect of finding an auto repair shop is asking what type of features the shop offers. Here are some examples of what features may be, and why they would be important to you:

  • Extended Hours & Days = More convenient times you can reach staff for assistance, help, or scheduling.
  • After Hours Drop Off / Pick Up = More convenient times you can transport your vehicle for service.
  • On-Line Payment Options = Makes express check-out and back on your way possible.
  • Chat / Text Messaging Capabilities = Don't want to the phone to ring? This makes conversations much easier!
  • Same Day Services = Need it fast? These features mean the shop can flex to your schedule.
  • Courtesy Shuttle Service = Drop off your vehicle and get where you need to go without holdup.
  • Child Play Area = Need to wait, make it fun for your kids!
  • Coffee / Tea / drinks = Makes for a short stay all the much more comfortable.

There are many reasons you may want a little higher-end shop to help make your experience easier, and at Casey's Independent Auto Repair we work hard to make it so!

Qualifications of Employees at this Auto Repair Shop

Consider the person you'd like working on your vehicle. Highly skilled, experienced, and focused individual. These individuals have a number of traits that make them right for the job.

The auto repair industry has a number of distinct and focused certifications. One recognized standard is the ASE (or Automotive Service of Excellence) Certifications. These certifications are broken down into specific areas that cover everything from engine rebuilding to electrical to temperature control systems. Additionally, technicians can have manufacture/brand specific certifications (direct from the manufacturers), and or unique certifications (such as advanced alignment systems) to operate highly advanced equipment for accurate ADAS or alignment controls.

Next, one might look at the years of experience each technician has. For example, you may have invested in a diesel engine and as such a uniquely tuned engine, you'll want technicians to work on it that has over a decade of experience with them. This ensures that the proper attention is placed in your vehicle's care.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair is uniquely qualified with highly skilled technicians and maintains those certifications with consistent training and support to stay modern with the changing world.

Capabilities of the Auto Repair Shop

Capabilities might not be something you think about upfront, but it is very important to your overall experience. Here are some examples of what it would mean to you:

  • Modern equipment such as alignment racks are able to not only align your vehicle faster (expediting your service time), but use precision laser alignment to make sure your vehicle is adjusted to the manufacturer's original specifications.
  • Consistently updated diagnostic software for your specific vehicle make & model means that whenever your vehicle requires an update you can prevent problematic situations.
  • Supplier resources means that your auto repair shop not only obtains the best in after-market or OEM materials to service your vehicle, avoiding sub-standard suppliers where parts may fail more often.

Our facility is one of the most cutting-edge facilities in the northwest, and we maintain the standards of equipment, software, and supplier resources to make sure our customers stay on the road longer and at reduced expense.

Qualifications of the Auto Repair Shop

Two of the most common ways people assess a repair shop is by how long they have been in business and what type of awards have they won during this period. This combined with reviews, and warranty can give you more confidence in the support you will have after your purchase.

Casey's Independent Auto Repair has been in the Vancouver market since 1989. That is over 32 years of community connection, countless thousands of repairs or services, and decades of building a team to maintain our reputation.

One of the items we are most proud of earning is the coveted AAA Top Shop Service Award. Awards such as these validate the efforts of our team and drive us to maintain such high standards.

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